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OnApplied Announces PipeDraft Plug-In PVC Update
SketchUp 3D piping plug-in updated for PVC plastic fittings powered through a Cloud-based catalog and spec service.

August 8, 2014 09:00 CDT

OAKDALE, Minn. -- OnApplied has released an update of the popular PipeDraft plug-in for SketchUp 3D application. The new release supports a family of PVC plastic piping catalogs along with a sample PVC piping specification. The updated release is available free of charge to the entire SketchUp community and the PVC fittings are available to all PipeDraft paid subscribers.

The new PVC fitting catalogs compliments the previously released Copper fitting catalogs, which makes the PipeDraft Professional Edition (PE) subscription well suited to home designers and detailers. The PVC catalogs include fittings up to 24 inch NPS, making it well suited for commercial or industrial water process design professionals as well.

"We're delighted to release this often-requested content and functionality to the PipeDraft community. The new content can also be used as a basis for PipeDraft Enterprise Edition (EE) subscribers that require custom specifications for their local or global teams."

Availability: August 2014.

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